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Orhangazi places to visit

Orhangazi places to visit

In terms of places to visit, Orhangazi attracts with its proximity to Istanbul. Orhangazi is the closest district of Bursa to Istanbul by road. Transportation to Orhangazi, neighboring Yalova, has become much easier with the opening of the Osmangazi Bridge.

Even you will be surprised when you hear about what can be done in Orhangazi, which is on the shore of Lake Iznik. In general, because Bursa is on the Izmir highway, we recommend that you break the steering wheel and give a chance to Orhangazi, which you pass through only once. Orhangazi is a day-to-day attraction in terms of places to visit, but we would like to say that it is one of our favorite destinations, especially for gourmet trips.

Orhangazi Places to Visit, what to do in orhangazi?
Iznik Lake - Photo: Güven Orman

Where is Orhangazi?
Orhangazi is one of the two districts of Bursa that have a coast on Lake Iznik. Even though İznik gave its name to the lake, a large part of İznik Lake is within the boundaries of Orhangazi. Bursa Orhangazi is 48 km. and an average of 50 minutes, 120 km from Istanbul Orhangazi. and about 2 hours, the distance between Yalova Orhangazi is 21 km. It's about 17 minutes away. Of course, after the opening of the Osmangazi Bridge and the new highway, these periods have decreased even more. We strongly recommend that you make a plan for Orhangazi places to visit due to the serious decrease in travel times.

How Can We Go To Orhangazi?
Those who want to get to Orhangazi with their own vehicles can pass through the Osmangazi Bridge and continue on the new highway and exit the first Orhangazi exit in 15 minutes. If you do not want to give money to the bridge and the highway, you should take the ferry from Eskihisar-Topçular to Yalova and then continue to Orhangazi as if going to the center of Yalova. Those who will go on foot can reach Yalova by sea bus from Yenikapı or Pendik and from there to Orhangazi after a 17-minute journey.

Orhangazi Attractions
You can enjoy Iznik Lake and nature by having a picnic with your family or friends in Orhangazi Çamlık area.
You can swim in Orhangazi Ilıca, which is said to be healing for various diseases (especially psoriasis) in Keramet Village. Keramet Ilıca Orhangazi should be on the list of places to visit. Although the entrance fee to Ilıca is 5 TL, we recommend you to go early in the morning.
* You can visit Gürle Village with its historical mosques, bath, castle, church and ancient city ruins.
You can visit the prehistoric settlement Ilıpınar Mound in Orhangazi Örnekköy, where excavations are still ongoing.
If you like adrenaline and adventure and you also have a motorcycle, you can go on enduro adventures and exploring in Kurban mountain without saying summer or winter.
Among the places to visit in Orhangazi, you can paraglide from Gürle rock, which is located on the Katırlı Mountains and even Istanbul can be seen, or you can go up to Gürle rock and watch the parachute jumpers beside the unique Yalova, Orhangazi and Gemlik scenery.

Discover Orhangazi Villages!
Orhangazi is one of the places to visit. You can organize barbecue parties with your friends in the picnic area in Gedelek Village Pınarbaşı recreation area, in Mahmudiye Village or in the Nadır picnic area in the center of Orhangazi, and relax under the plane trees and relieve the tiredness of a week.
Although it is not scientifically proven in Heceler Village, which dates back to the Ottoman pasha Ece Bey, you can drink its water, which is believed by the public to shed kidney stones. There is a great interest in this water from the village people and from outside.
You can relax under oak trees in the lake view coffee house of Gölyaka Village and drink delicious tea accompanied by bird chirps.
You can visit Sölöz and Yeni Sölöz towns, where there are many historical Ottoman houses, and you can see multi-storey historical mud brick houses that defy years.
You can see the historical bridge and old mud-brick houses on Karsak Stream in Karsak Village.
You can go on a fascinating Iznik Lake trip with its magnificent nature, sunset and sunrise. Since we gave detailed information about Iznik Lake in our Iznik Places to Visit article, we did not mention the Orhangazi places to visit in our article.
Orhangazi has 25 villages, each full of history.

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