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Historical Places in Orhangazi

Historical Places in Orhangazi

Orhangazi takes its visitors on a long journey with its historical reality on the slopes of Uludağ.
On this page, we will talk about the places to visit and historical places of Orhangazi.

In Orhangazi, you can first visit the Orhangazi Mosque, which has a historical value and has the same name as the district. The mosque, which has survived since 1339, was built by the second ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Orhan Gazi. The mosque has a magnificent architecture and motifs that appeal to the eyes with its simplicity.

Part of Iznik Lake passes through Orhangazi district. You can spend a day to visit Lake Iznik. Iznik Lake, among the natural beauties of Bursa, is one of the spots waiting to be discovered in Orhangazi.

As Orhangazi is close to other districts, it offers an easy way of transportation to historical and natural beauties outside its borders.

Orhangazi is another place we recommend you to include in your travel list; It is the Green Mosque. The Green Mosque is actually located in Iznik. The distance between Orhangazi and Iznik is approximately 42 km. During your visit to Orhangazi, you should definitely visit Yeşil Mosque, which was built by Çandarlı Hayrettin Pasha in 1378.

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Historical Places in Orhangazi

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