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When you say Bursa, the first thing that comes to mind is Alexander, but Bursa fascinates people with its historical and natural structures. Bursa, which is very rich in terms of places to see and see, will stay short of what we say. If you are taking advantage of the car rental options for Bursa rent a car, we recommend that you make a plan in advance for the places to visit Bursa. Because this city does not end. 🙂 We have introduced many historical and natural places that you can visit in our previous Bursa articles. This time we pass you with a hot spring article. This spa is the Keramet Hot Spring, located in the Keramet Village. If you haven't been before, if you haven't heard, let's read the details. 🙂 Yolcu360 team prepared the travel article for Keramet Spa, which also includes Bursa hotels and Bursa restaurant recommendations.

Keramet Spa
We can say that Keramet Spa is a natural wonder that can be visited every day of the year, every month or in all seasons. Since the water of the spa is always 34 degrees, it can be visited in all seasons. Also the depth of the water is between 1.5 and 2 meters. 🙂 We all know that when it comes to spa, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is good for skin and venereal diseases. This place has the same feature. Keramet spa is thought to be especially good for rheumatism. Keramet hot spring attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists. Keramet Spa, which is a natural pool, is so relaxing for people that you can go here even just to relax. That's why we recommend you to go here if you haven't been before and are looking for a suitable place for spa tourism.

Keramet Spa Campground: Those who like to camp can prefer the Keramet Village Hot Spring and Campground, which are located right near the Keramet Spa.

Where is Keramet Hot Spring?
If you are wondering where the Keramet Spa is, it is located 36 kilometers from Yalova city center, 63 kilometers from Bursa city center and 16 kilometers from Bursa Orhangazi district center. By examining Yalova car rental options, you can reach here in about 38 minutes via D575 / E881 and Iznik Orhangazi Road / D150. For Bursa car rental, you can check out the Bursa center car rental options and set out for Keramet Hot Spring in 54 minutes on Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway / O-5.

Keramet Spa Address: Keramet, Iznik Orhangazi Yolu No: 645, 16825 Orhangazi.