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About Gölyaka Village

About Gölyaka Village

The establishment date and number of households were not found in the official records. However, the area where it is located today is 1 km. It is understood that it was founded in the south west of the mountain. In some sources, it is written that there were 15 to 36 households between 1895-1908 and their name was Mahmure or Mahmuriye. It is known that Bosnian, Cretan and Georgian immigrants lived in the village at that time.
Although the name was included in the yearbook for the province of Hüdavendigar dated 1325 AH (1907), the number of households was not specified.
According to the report numbered 7147 and dated September 21, 1920 (on Tuesday) received from the Regiment Command in reference to the testimony of the Central Foreign Division Command which investigated the borders of Orhangazi and Gemlik during the War of Independence, Mahmure was sent by a gang of 30-40 Armenians of Gemlik's Görele village. It was raided and all the property and belongings of the Muslim people were plundered. Later the village was set on fire and half of it was burned. On the same dates, Hacı Salim Ağa from Akharem village and Ali Bey from Girit, from Mamure village were raised to the mountain by the Sölöz Armenians and a ransom of 4000 Lira was requested from Hacı Salim Ağa and 7000 Lira from Ali Bey, Ali Bey was asked to escape at night. Even though he was released in Turkey, more than twenty mandates of the poor and the belongings of his house were completely seized.
The Orhangazi District Governor of that period, who saw it difficult to remove and rebuild the wreckage of the burning village, expropriated the area where it was established today with the idea of ​​establishing a new village on a flat area further north by the lake and settled in the villagers. (1922-1923)
The new village was founded under the name of a valiant Arab who had led the villager during the Armenian raid and was shot and martyred during the confiscation, and was named Arapgazi (not mentioned in official sources). At the same time, two inns and two piers were built in the village at that time.
In addition, although it was not known before 1895, we understand from various sources that Arapgazi village was founded on the east coast of the city of Bassilinopolis, one of the lost cities in the world. Bassilinopolis is an ancient city, which is estimated to have been founded on the west coast of Iznik lake, and there are traces of Byzantine and Romans. The 10 km. Between Orhangazi-Çeltikçi-Gölyaka villages. It was established on a plain.
With the withdrawal of the waters, it has been determined that there is a very old ancient pier in the west of Iznik lake and at the mouth of the stream connecting the Gemlik Bay and the lake (currently under lake waters). It is one of the most important antique piers in our country in terms of its size and strength. Very wide and scattered ancient settlement remains were found around this pier. Therefore, the city of Bassilinopolis is probably in this location.
It was founded in the name of Princess Basilina, the mother of the Roman Emperor Julianus, the second wife of Julius Costantius, it was raised to city status in 365 and was called Bassilinopolis in honor of this princess.
In the Kadıköy / Khalkedon church council dated 451, this city was a subject of contention by the metropolises of Nikomedia / İzmit and Nikaia / İznik. However, there is no information about the city after the 11th century. It is understood from the sources that the rise of the water level of the lake after the earthquake was effective in the sudden destruction of the city.
In the 1960s, the name of Arapgazi (not mentioned in official sources) village was changed with Gölyaka considering that it was established on the shore of İznik lake.
Population status of Gölyaka village; 1927-115 (Mahmure), 1940-187, 1955-234, 1970-273, 1980-322, 1990-431, 1997-379, 2000-451, and 266 in 2010.

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About Gölyaka Village

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